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Working Together

Get in touch with Roger by email, or by phone, to set up a Free Initial Consultation.

Through talking with you in that initial consultation, and often through an initial review of documents, we can determine whether we believe we can offer to serve as your attorney. This determination usually flows from an assessment of these factors: (a) whether there is law supportive of your preferred legal position based on known facts and applicable law; (b) analysis of prospects for success in achieving your stated objectives; and (c) arriving at an economic arrangement that is affordable for the client and workable for our firm.

If we are able to offer to represent you, then we would develop an individualized client-attorney retention agreement letter, setting forth the terms of the engagement, including but not limited to rate of attorney compensation, and the amount of retainer deposit.

The representation begins when the client-attorney retention agreement letter has been signed by the client and our firm, and the client has delivered the retainer deposit.

For convenience, funds can be sent via secure online electronic transfer, using the “PayPal Payment” amenity provided below.

Free Consultation