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I use the single word “Advocacy” to represent a broader repertoire of capabilities and skills. Advocacy is the finished product of all the activity of the lawyer – advocacy in the sense of persuasion

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Roger Greenbaum as a practitioner offers wide-ranging experience as an attorney, mediator, and author of scholarly works for the legal profession. He strives to provide the highest degree of strategic thinking, with individualized attention to client needs.

Roger Greenbaum has assisted individuals and companies in solving dispute-related and transactional issues for more than 35 years. Using rigorous analysis of all factors bearing on the situation, Roger promotes solutions which are forward-looking, people-oriented, practical and economical.


One of the things I do is to serve as a mediator. I conduct mediations. When I do this, I am providing service as a professional who is in a neutral role and who is not aligned with any of the parties.

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    One reason it is rewarding for me to represent students and their parents on legal matters relating to education, is that learning, itself, has held meaning and enjoyment for me since my own elementaryschool days.

    In celebration of several writers who have handed down to all of us a generous endowment of their craft, their stories, and a record of their times, this site presents a gallery of what I call “Inspirations”.


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